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femmes_fatale's Journal
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Tuesday, February 15th, 2011
3:37 pm
I haven't updated here in a VERY long time.

Is anyone still interested? There are lots of posts clanking around in my brain :)
Tuesday, January 31st, 2006
11:45 am

"Trude and I, masked, short skirts," by Alice Austen

Alice AustenCollapse )
Tuesday, July 26th, 2005
12:09 pm
Tuesday, July 19th, 2005
3:45 pm
"the fierce and bloody Tina Modotti"

photographer, muse, radicalCollapse )
Wednesday, July 6th, 2005
12:08 pm
he was diving and she was falling

James Joyce's "wonder wild"

Lucia JoyceCollapse )
Friday, July 1st, 2005
2:36 pm
"This face was borne aloft on a long white neck,
the sturdy, swan-like neck of the medium—
and of the lost and the damned."

June MillerCollapse )
Monday, June 27th, 2005
11:21 am
Dolly Wilde

Beautiful LoserCollapse )
Thursday, June 23rd, 2005
2:00 pm
Suzanne Valadon

The Mistress of MontmartreCollapse )
Tuesday, June 14th, 2005
11:28 am
La Bella Rafaela

Beautiful RafaelaCollapse )
Wednesday, June 1st, 2005
11:23 am

"Imperious, Exotic, Mysterious"

Pola Negri, the Silent VampCollapse )
Thursday, May 26th, 2005
1:08 pm
“the greatest woman spy”

Mata HariCollapse )
Tuesday, May 24th, 2005
2:16 pm

"The Girl Who Is Too Beautiful"

Barbara LaMarrCollapse )
Tuesday, May 17th, 2005
11:23 am

Her complexion was described as "a rose blushing through old ivory;" she was beautiful, talented, and Chinese-American. Her ethnicity kept her from attaining the highest echelon among Hollywood's pantheon of stars, but it did not affect her popularity.

Anna May WongCollapse )
Friday, May 13th, 2005
12:26 pm
"Not as she is, but as she fills his dream"

Elizabeth Siddal is the pale woman with long luxurious hair who sits, sleeps, dreams, and combs her hair in so many of Dante Rossetti's drawings and paintings.

MuseCollapse )
Wednesday, May 4th, 2005
12:46 pm
"The Thief of Souls"

Romaine BrooksCollapse )
Tuesday, May 3rd, 2005
12:17 pm

A talented comedic actress, Lupe Vélez was known as "The Mexican Spitfire." Unfortunately, much like fellow actress Marie Prevost, her dramatic and inglorious death often overshadows her accomplishments.

Lupe VélezCollapse )
Friday, April 29th, 2005
1:34 pm
"The truth is how you say it, and to be 'one's self'
is the most shocking custom of all."

Djuna BarnesCollapse )
Thursday, April 28th, 2005
10:48 am

Marie Prevost was a bright star of the Silver Screen who unfortunately is best known for her gruesome death.

Marie PrevostCollapse )
Wednesday, April 27th, 2005
11:28 am
"the fastest woman in America"

Hellé NiceCollapse )
Tuesday, April 26th, 2005
10:24 am
"I was raped by orderlies, gnawed on by rats, and poisoned by tainted food. I was chained in padded cells, strapped to straitjackets, and half drowned in ice baths.” - Frances Farmer

Frances FarmerCollapse )
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